/ Who we are

Developed a standardized
process for phytocomplex API

We are located in the Toscana Life Sciences (TLS) incubator in the GlaxoSmithKline research center, which provides space for nurturing startups in the life sciences.

This location provides access to costly infrastructure and technology that would otherwise be out of reach for startups, enabling us to effectively meet stringent pharmaceutical standards.

At TLS we have established our cutting-edge pharmaceutical production and quality control laboratory equipped with essential technical utilities, including air treatment, nitrogen gas, a chilling plant, purified water, a reception area, offices and meeting rooms.

Additionally, they offer a range of services including housekeeping, maintenance and waste disposal, while simultaneously offering an extensive scientific and business network.

Who we are

  • Pharma GMP facility incubated in Toscana Life Sciences technological park.
  • Experienced, specialized and complementary team.
  • Developed a standardized
    process for phytocomplex API.
  • Currently undertaking a strategic regulatory path with incremental licensing stages allowing product to market along the way (achieved first milestone as active
    pharmaceutical ingredient distributor)

Reference Market

  • An emerging pharmaceutical market: EU Medical Cannabis market is projected to grow from 800 million in 2023 to 60 billion by 2032.
  • The cannabis plant has opened up the possibility to exploit a new pharmacological resource: the endocannabinoid system.
  • Cannabis represents a new green, sustainable, and CO2- negative Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) industry.

Competitive Advantage

First mover Italian pharma API manufacturer exclusively dedicated to the phytochemistry of the cannabis plant and the regulatory landscape

A small and flexible structure enables adaptation to an emerging market, providing a comprehensive offering of highly specialized, pharma-grade ingredients for galenic pharmacies and industrial partners

A robust industrial and medicalpharmaceutical network enables a clear and methodical regulatory and product deployment strategy